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I know, everyone has seen these a hundred times now in different cute scenes. I photograph this deck in scenes the way most people do their children :p However, this time is to announce that we have a new card style for the deck. Through trial and error and listening to reviews of the deck we made a few changes. These changes are:

They’re now pretty much classic tarot decks. They’re standard tarot size so they’re a pinch longer on a thicker card-stock that is traditional weight for standard playing cards. They have rounded corners and a very nice semi gloss finish -so they shuffle very easily and are better for everyday use. They still come in the sheer, drawstring pouch in a labeled tin with silk flowers as our last added touch. We were able to buy them a bit more in bulk so we didn’t have to raise the price -which we warned we might.

I do have some of our original decks set aside for individuals who inquired about them but we’re really happy with these so they’ll become our standard. I can’t thank people enough for reblogging them, nabbing them, and making them so successful! And as I always end with, you can nab your own deck here! :)


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